Describe, compare and contrast the U.S. health care system

Describe, compare and contrast the U.S. health care system with the country you have selected and received approval to write about: 1. Introduction (1-2 pages). (10 points)Introduce both of the countries’ health care systems. How are the systems organized? 2. Describe, compare and contrast the U.S. health care system with the country you have chosen based on the subsections described below (4-5 pages).You must also address ALL of the following required subsections (each of the seven subsections below is worth equal number of points!). (70 points- 10 points per subsection including appropriate citations) A. How do people access care (remember what the number one predictor of accessing care is!)? B. Financing structure- types (i.e. public; private; self) and distribution of sources (provideactual data/statistics!) C. Types and availability of the health care settings and services such as the variousoutpatient and inpatient settings, acute, chronic and long term care D. Health care personnel – number or percent, availability, types, locations, specialties E. Medical care technologies and pharmaceuticals – types, availability F. Role and place of public health services including but not limited to governmentagencies, educational institutions, hospitals, etc. G. Healthcare disparities- provide specific examples (be careful not to provide healthdisparities, which are DIFFERENT from health care disparities!) 3. Discussion (1 page). (10 points)Provide an overall evaluation and interpretation of the comparisons presented in your paper. 4. References are not included in your page limit. Only cite scholarly references (no Wikipedia!). You can also cite your book and lectures. You must include at least 3 references, including one that is not your book/lectures. 5. Grammar, spelling, subtitles, APA format, and other format considerations. (10 points) Reminders: 1. Paper should follow APA format and include a title page. However, no abstract is necessary. 2. The paper should be no more than 8 pages in length, use 12 point font size, use Times New Roman or Arial font style, and have 1 inch margins. 3. All papers must be submitted to Canvas in order to receive credit. 4. Refer to your greensheet for additional information.

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