Annotated Bibliographies and Recommendations

Portfolio Items

PORTFOLIO_1: Annotated Bibliographies and Recommendations (10 marks)
COIT20249 Assessment 3 is a Report for which you have to use at least 10 recent references and write several recommendations. At least 6 of these references must be academic references which are peer reviewed journal or conference papers and/or textbooks. Portfolio 1 requires students to begin their research by locating and evaluating two academic references that you can use for the Report.
Portfolio 1 Requirements
i.    Find 2 peer reviewed journal articles or conference proceedings that relate to your Report topic for this Term, using the ARE and Triple R frameworks you learnt in Weeks 2 and 3. Both references must be from the last 5 years (dated 2013 onwards) and must be directly relevant to the technology focus of the case study of the Report (Assessment 3). Do not use textbooks, working papers or government papers/reports etc. as references for this assessment (Portfolio_1). Check with your local lecturer if you are not sure about the papers you have selected.
In Week 3, you learnt about Annotated Bibliographies, in Week 5 you learnt about referencing, and in Week 6 you learnt about writing recommendations. 
ii.Write an annotation and a recommendation for each of the references using those skills:
oSee pp. 132 – 134 in your Textbook and refer to Week 3 materials on Annotated Bibliographies. 
oThe reference must be formatted in CQU APA style. You must provide the DOI or the URL for the selected reference.
oWrite the annotation in paragraph form.
oSelect a finding or a suggestion relevant to your report topic from the conclusion/findings in the article.
oWrite a recommendation based on that selected finding/suggestion, formatted correctly as covered in Week 6 Report Writing Guidelines. 
oThe recommendation must make sense in light of what you have written in the annotation.

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