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The Informative Speech is the cornerstone assignment for this course. Each student must follow the guidelines outlined in the Sample Informative 2016.docx Preview the documentView in a new window this documnet is also located in your Workbook. On the back is a Construction Checklist which guides you step-by-step. You must have 5 credible sources incorporated into the speech using APA guidelines. Here is the process we will follow to complete the assignment:

a paper Sample Informative 2016.docx- in attachments

4. Submit Written Speech (Outline with full sentences): Once your speech is completed, obtain feedback from your buddy and look evaluate your ideas using the Forumula to ensure you satisfied each part. (If you use Speech Sage, it will be completed)

5. Prepare for Delivery. Incorporate your feedback from previous speeches, set your Delivery Goals, follow the guidelines for an GREAT delivery — these are listed on Construction Checklist and in Workbook)

Upload your informative speech by the due date. Those submitting it late will loose a point. Once you have submitted it, you will be assigned a peers paper to review. Carefully read the speech out load. Open your Formula sheet and indicate to your peer those parts that they did well or poorly. Explain how it can be better if you have any ideas. Copy the Formula below in the comments and make your comments.

Audience Analysis –



Purpose Statement – Did they use weak verbs like know, understand or learn? Are there conjunctions? Do you want to listen to this speech?

Introduction –

Attention Grabber:


Relate: Only ask probing questions about the topic?

State: Purpose statement recycled

Support: Quote about your topic from someone other than the theorist you will use in your body.

Preview: State the Main Points you will cover.

I. Main Point Be sure they use the questions What is (structure)?

A. Sub Point — Be sure they did not ask a questions (you cannot answer a question from I. with a question in A.

1. Source: Cite your source and explain the content so the audience understands.

2. Connections: Make a connection with your audience by Personal Story (about the topic), Probe (ask a question), Physical (an activity to make the content come alive get the audience involved), Prop (3 D object — can’t be on PP)

Be sure that they follow the formula for each part of the body.


Review the Main Points


Restate the Quote

Review the Thesis statement:

Remind them of the probe

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