Annotated Bibliography : To provide a succinct descriptive and evaluative annotated summary

Annotated Bibliography : To provide a succinct descriptive and evaluative annotated summary of six academic papers that have specific focus on health service planning. At least 50% of each annotation should be focused on evaluative analysis. Students should closely follow the purpose designed template to guide the successful completion of assessment task 1.
Herewith i have attached the designed template and 6 academic papersDocument Preview:

92847 Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography This first assignment offers you some insight to your understanding of health service planning at this early stage in the subject to support you to seek additional investigation if required in order to develop a sound understanding of health service planning. Checklist and Template for successful completion of Assignment 1 Checklist Yes/No • I have selected only highly relevant academic peer-reviewed papers (no grey literature for this assignment). • I have order the responses alphabetically by the first author of each paper? • I have written a SINGLE 350-word paragraph for each paper keeping within but using all or most of the word limit? • I have written in full sentences using academic writing style? • I have written succinctly describing only significant details? • I have used transition words (e.g. furthermore, moreover, however, therefore …) • I have not repeated information from the title but rather used the full citation as the heading for individual annotations and I have not repeated the name of the paper in the text (i.e. use the term ‘this paper ….’) • I have NOT cross referenced i.e. have not used any in-text references (as I am only writing about a single paper in each annotation) • I have organised and evaluated information to reveal insightful findings related to health service planning • I have clearly presented limitations and implications of each paper for health service planning • I have made sure that all annotations offer insightful ideas into how each paper can be used to inform the health service planning development process. • I have carefully read the marking rubric and followed the template below. Assignment Template Citation details (full Harvard UTS reference) as title A short statement that explains the main focus or purpose of the work A short summary of the theory, intended audience, research method/s, major findings and/or…

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