Nursing research

Research is used in all facility, in all departments. “Nursing research is a systematic process of inquiry that uses rigorous guidelines to produce unbiased, trustworthy answers to questions about nursing practice” (Houser, 2015). I work for The Villages Regional Hospital. In our hospital, we use research at all times. In our hospital, we use Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). The hospital that I work for is a small hospital and we do not have a research committee. After asking several people I work with they were not aware of having a research committee. I think research is an important component of clinical practice. Houser (2015) states nursing research aims to generate new knowledge to inform the practice of nursing. I think it is important to be informed and have knowledge as a nurse because patients always have questions. I believe from experience if you know why you are doing what you are doing the patients trust you more. For instance, if we have an EMS IV put in that comes to the medical floor, we have 24 hours to change the IV. Patients hate needles as much as I do, but if we explain to them the reason why we have to change they immediately agree to. My peers and clinical educator told me that changing IV that were from the EMS is not done in a sterile technique and have a higher risk of infection.

Several reasons why nurses can use research are to be able to practice from others research and knowing evidence exists. They are able to explore the phenomena and describe the effects of the evidence in health. They can find solutions to existing problems. Nurses can also test traditional approaches to patient care for continued relevance and effectiveness.

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