Family Transitions Gerontology Assignment

Family Transitions Gerontology Assignment

Standardized tools are an efficient and effective way to collect and organize data from the assessment of an older adult. You will be performing a functional assessment in the practicum area using the Fulmer SPICES Tool.


· You will review the video describing what the SPICES tool is and how it is used to perform a functional assessment on a selected client. The following is the link you will use to research the tool.

From this video you will develop a list of questions including others you might develop to provide the base for interviewing and performing a functional assessment of your client. These questions and answers must be submitted with your paper. The video demonstrates a teacher and students going through the assessment with a real client.

· With your practicum teachers assistance you will select a client (able to comprehend and communicate) to interview and assess. With your data obtained you will use this as the basis of your assignment/paper.

Paper Guidelines

The body of your paper will be a maximum of 5 pages in length without reference page and interview question. It will consist of:

· Introduction and conclusion. A brief introduction of your client background and the summary of your experience of the interview.

· The results of your assessment and a description of your selection of one problem area

· A description of selected nursing interventions to help this client in resolving or coping with the identified problem from the SPICES Tool. These interventions will be based on a research article and/or Best Practice Guidelines (at least one of these); other additional supporting resources may be used including your course text. A minimum of 3 references are required. All references must be embedded into the paper. You will conclude your paper with why this functional assessment tool is valuable to your practice.

Your paper and your interview questions with answers must be submitted to at the identified due date and time. All documents will be automatically be sent to Turnitin for originality verification upon submission.

All requirements for the paper are outlined in the rubric provided. Confidentiality must be maintained at all times; any breaches in confidentiality will result in a mark of “zero” on the assignment.

APA format is highly recommended

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