Access to healthcare

Week 5 3007

This is a very interesting topic. In my prospect, everybody regardless of their immigration status and/or socioeconomic status should be honored to have access to healthcare; I state the word “honored” because to have health insurance in the US is a real prestige. It has always been a difficult topic since even though I was born in this country, I consider myself Hispanic because of my origins and I have witnessed so many cases that people do not get the appropriate treatment at the time needed and when they resolve the insurance issue it is too late. I remember a 12 year old boy in New Jersey, he went in to the ER because of chest pain and palpitations, he had already had one cardiac catheterization when he was only 9 years old and when the doctor did all the exams he determined that this young boy needed an open heart surgery the hospital noticed that he was an immigrant with no insurance, they told his family that they had to go to a community hospital because the surgery would be around half a million dollars and of course his family could not afford that. He went to a community hospital and got the surgery done. Now let me state my opinion, his family did not have to cover the expenses of this extensive surgery, just for the medications, isn’t the hospital or people like us that pay taxes loosing money because of cases this like one?. This is only one case of a million that happen every year throughout the US. In my point of view, every single person that lives in the US, citizen or non citizen should have access to a basic insurance and pay monthly, I think that to enroll on an insurance you should not need to have a social security so that the immigrants can also pay for their healthcare and when something medical occurs they have some sort of coverage and then, if they need to have any type of procedure, they can get into a payment plan exactly parallel as a US citizen.

With this, I’m trying to avoid all those never-paid bills that non US citizens might have and that probably will never get paid, and us, the ones that pay taxes will end up paying for them. Also, having basic healthcare access will enable our community to be healthier, we as nurses know that if a chronic condition is not treated at the end would be fatal, for example, high blood pressure; and even though some places have health fairs throughout the year this will help mostly on the POSSIBLE diagnosis of a disease like high cholesterol or obesity and/or prophylaxis of these, but this is certainly not sufficient for a human being wellness. 

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