Write an analysis of the article as it pertains to microeconomic concepts

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Study: “$15 Minimum Wage Would Force McDonald’s to Increase Prices 38 Percent”

Bob Adelmann

February 20, 2017

The New American.com


1.Write an analysis of that article as it pertains to microeconomic concepts. What is thesummary or position of the article? What microeconomic concepts apply to the articleand how does it explain the issue at hand? Does microeconomic analysis support or refutethe article’s findings? What are some of the effects or impact that may not be considered based on economic analysis?

2.Use your textbook and any other sources as references to support your economic analysis.All ideas other than your own must be cited.

3. Include a figure in your analysis (for example, Supply & Demand graph). Be sure to citesource of figure/graph if not your own

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