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I will provide sample on Annotated and bibliography please check

Peer reviewed articles Three in Bibilography and six in term paper



PATIENT SAFETY focus on Medication administration, positive patient ID and workoverload 

1. Annotated bibliography worksheet to be completed attached please read the instructions carefully. 

Begin a preliminary library search of your topic and identify three academic articles written after 2012 that are relevant to the focus of your draft topic idea.  

Term Paper Guidelines 

Articulating the Issue (Paragraph 1)  

Articulate the central topic by bringing the reader towards your topic. Be
accurate, objective and compelling 

Establish the context of the topic, identify perspective from relevant academic
research – Identify the significance and relevance of the topic to you as the
author and what is the specific issue/problem/disagreement you intend to focus

Background (Paragraph 2) 

– Provide background information about the issue  

– Draw in current literature about the scope, nature and magnitude of the issue by
reviewing relevant  literature to the
topic and researchers in the field. 

– Describe the issue, define terms, characteristics and context of the issue in Canadian
nursing practice. In this paragraph you do not provide supporting arguments
here, but rather prepare to put forward a thesis statement 

– End the paragraph with an articulated thesis statement sentence. 

Your aim is to write the thesis statement (your opinion) so that it is clearly worded,
concise, and identifies the dilemma of the topic or the aspect of the topic
that is controversial. The thesis statement is the focal point of your essay. A
thesis is a proposition put forward and supported by arguments. A well -developed
thesis statement takes an assertive stance on the identified issue and is debatable
(i.e., there is an opposite thesis to the one that you have proposed). The
thesis statement is to be the final sentence of this second paragraph. 

D. Analyzing the Issue
(Paragraphs 3, 4 and 5)  

Each of the next three paragraphs is a separate reasoned analysis and evidence that
supports the thesis. Paragraphs 3 and 4 provide different arguments to support
the thesis. After stating your argument, defend it in the rest of the paragraph
by using critical analyses and examples. Consider arguments such as historical,
ethical, legal, social, cultural or political. However, each argument must be
clearly distinct, relevant to the original thesis statement. 

Paragraph 5 is to provide an opposing view (with accurate referencing), that is different
from the perspective you have put forward as the author 

E. Conclusion/Reinforcement
(Paragraph 6)  

This final paragraph is a summary of the key arguments and makes a final statement
about the thesis. Consider describing additional scope or direction of the
topic for further study. Your final sentences should include the significance
of the issue to nursing and should leave the reader with some “food for
thought” or a consideration to ponder. 

Things to remember 

1) Students are to include a minimum number of 8 references for this assignment
from at least 6 academic sources. APA 6th edition format is to be used with
attention placed on accurate referencing from a variety of sources. Additional
research resources may also include appropriate authored websites and community

2) Sentences must be grammatically correct, no bullets or point form. Large direct
quotes are to be avoided. Content within quotations will not be considered for
grading. Emphasis is placed on a student’s ability to review literature and
develop claims and analysis of the topic focus supported by accurate

3) The term paper should be 5 pages in length (no more then 6), plus the cover page
and reference page.  

The final essay is to consist of six paragraphs. Please review the detailed guidelines
and marking rubric which are designed specifically for each paragraph of this

4) The final version of this paper must be submitted to SafeAssign in a Word file
-digital format. Please ensure that you have reviewed the Course Policies on
Plagiarism outlined in the syllabus  

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