General environment analysis

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Students in the class will be grouped into teams on the second week of the course. A case will be assigned for each team from the case section of the textbook for the analysis. A discussion forum will be set up for each team to discuss and analyze their case throughout the term.

Each student should read the case at least two-three times before the analysis. Students are also encouraged to do external research to gather more information about their assigned companies. (Please keep in mind that each time you use an external source to gather information you need to cite the source.)

The members of each team will share the items #1-4 fairly. Everybody in the team will contribute to the item# 5 and the references. The analysis will include:

1) General environment analysis (the demographic segment; economic segment, political segment; socio-cultural segment; technological segment and the global segment). Each portion of the analysis should be titled. The headlines will be in bold, centered and underlined. Each portion of the analysis will be in bullets (refer Chapter 2).

2) Industry environment analysis (threat of new entrants, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitute products, intensity of rivalry). Each segment will be in bold, centered and underlined headlines and the analysis will be in bullets (Chapter 2).

***P.S. THESE FIRST 2 ANALYSES ARE PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS.  The preliminary analysis will help you to get an accurate SWOT analysis.****

3) SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.) (refer Chapters 1-3) ( (use bullets, underlined and centered headlines)

4).What is the business level strategy, corporate level strategy and international strategy of the company?

5) What are your recommendations for the company? Please include well thought recommendations with a rationale. Provide your reasoning for each recommendation. The recommendations should have pros and cons. Each recommendation should be elaborated. (Each person in the team is required to provide a recommendation for this section. Please include the initials of each student next to the recommendation that they suggest.)


1.  Title page: (The name of the company and the names of the individuals in the team.)

2.  Table of contents page (List the sections of the project and include the initials of the team members who are responsible for that sections.)

3.  The case analysis. (Please see the items # 1-5 listed above for the  case analysis.)

i.   Each section should have a title; centered, bold and in capital.

ii.  The paper will be double spaced, Times Roman (12 pts)

iii.  Each page will be numbered.

4.  References (The references will be in the APA format. Please include detailed information for your sources.)


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