Cultural competencies

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Cultural competencies are found to directly affect patient outcomes and long-term goals, hence why cultural competency is an important factor in nursing. “As our culture in the United States becomes more diverse, nurses must meet the challenge of providing culturally competent care to all” (Montenery, Jones, Perry, Ross, & Zoucha, 2013). Patient care and education is more effective if cultural and linguistic barriers are considered. Nurses must also overcome any cultural biases they may have in order to accomplish effective care and education. Nurses who broaden their cultural knowledge base, are more capable of addressing such biases and ensuring these biases do not impact patients. The more knowledge a nurse has regarding a cultural, the more capable said nurse will be in providing care that aligns with the patient’s values and beliefs. “Narrow conceptualizations of culture and identity may limit the effectiveness of particular approaches, and a focus on specific cultural information may inadvertently promote stereotyping” (Truong, Paradies, & Priest, 2014). Proper assessment of patient’s culture must occur as well. Stereotyping based on ethnicity or religious beliefs must be avoided through proper assessment of the patient. Once patient values and beliefs have been determined, care can be structured to compliment these values and beliefs, thus ensuring more positive patient outcomes can be achieved.

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Montenery, S. M., Jones, A. D., Perry, N., Ross, D., & Zoucha, R. (2013). Cultural Competence in Nursing Faculty: A Journey, Not a Destination. Journal Of Professional Nursing29e51-e57. doi:10.1016/j.profnurs.2013.09.003

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